【WonderGame】Stage II WonderGame Optimization


Dear players,

    In order to provide better service to all players, WonderGame game platform constantly optimize to improve the interactive experience for you! Thank you for growing up with us. Your recognition is the motivation for us, which make us continuously promote ourselves. Let us grow and become better together, and make you be more perfect with WonderGame~

Gift Pack Center - Increase gift pack center, providing you with a more comprehensive game gift pack.

Sign-in system - Add a check-in system, signing in to get the sign-in gift pack.

Information Center - Optimize the information center Module, launching game walkthrough and welfare Information.

Homepage - Optimize the homepage interactive experience to improve visual interaction.

    Every step that we have gone through with you is to provide you a more comprehensive service experience. We will witness with you that we will grow-up step by step. I hope that we will get better and better in the future and bring my best wishes to you. Providing you the most satisfactory service.